Articulating and communicating Vision and Objectives is key to a successful Transformation. These elements build a compelling purpose for change, and are typically created as part of the Leadership Workshop. They are often then refined and a communication plan crafted by the Agile Leadership Team (ALT)

Key User Interface Elements


Inspire people to act – with passion and purpose – to achieve a bold, aspirational opportunity. Build momentum that excites people to pursue a compelling (and clear) vision of the future… together. John Kotter

A vision, with a sense of urgency, will focus and provide clarity of mission for the transformation. P2ANav provides a way to capture and communicate that vision:

Objectives: Business Outcomes

Clarify how the future will be different from the past and get buy-in for how you can make that future a reality through initiatives linked directly to the vision. John Kotter.

The leadership team uses Path to Agility to identify and prioritize business outcomes that are best suited to their organization's needs and goals.  

Launching a Poll

A Business Outcomes poll is launched from the Objectives screen. Path to Agility provides nine common business outcomes, based on many years of experience, that provide a starting point for alignment.

For detailed instructions, see Facilitating a Poll

Manually Prioritizing Business Outcome

Optionally, you can manually add the top business outcomes for the organization by clicking the target button:

On the resulting pop-up, click to highlight the desired outcomes and then click Submit.

Both methods, poll or manual, will result in the selected business outcomes being displayed a the top of the Organization map:


Clear business outcomes with measurable success criteria support a cohesive compelling purpose for change.

We are currently rebuilding P2ANav's measurement feature.