Facilitating Agile Capability Assessments for Teams

Doing a P2A assessment as part of a team retrospective is a great way to gather data and build candidate action items for what to explore next.

Locating Your Assessment

As a Poll Host

If you received an email notification that you have been assigned as a poll host:

  1. Log into p2anav.com
  2. At the top right of your screen, click the Open Poll List icon
  3. Then click the Launch Poll icon for the desired team, system, or organization

As a P2A User 

  1. Log into p2anav.com
  2. Click the Assessment link
  3. On the assessment screen, click the Launch Poll icon for the desired team, system, or organization

Creating and Managing Assessments

For more information and details on creating and managing assessments for team, system, and organizations, refer to Assessments

Facilitating an Assessment

We suggest starting with a timebox of 90 minutes for an assessment and the creation of action items to include in upcoming sprints. The team (or team of teams) can then budget capacity during sprint planning to complete those action items in order to become more effective.

Share Participant URL

  1. At the top right of your screen, click on the Participant URL icon to copy it to your clipboard
  2. Share the URL with all participants

    1. Ask participants to enter their name
    2. As a facilitator, you be able to see who has joined the session by clicking anywhere in the “Total responses” widget

Open Voting Session

  1. Set the timer as desired (1 to 3 mins is a good starting point)
  2. Click the Open Voting button to allow participants to vote
  3. Participants will then see voting options:

Silent Review & Voting

  1. Have participants silently read the description
  2. Ask participants to review the “Acceptance Criteria” (if not visible, they simply need to click on the drop-down)
    1. Ask participants to use verbal and/or non-verbal signaling, like “Raise your hand if the description and/or acceptance criteria need clarification”
    2. If there’s a need for clarification, facilitate an open discussion, inviting engagement from all participants for their perspective/interpretation to create a shared understanding
    3. Let participants know they can cast their vote at any time by clicking on one of the rating indicators on their screen
  3. When all participants have voted (the facilitator’s screen will show the total responses submitted), click Close Voting

Discuss Voting Results

Situation 1: Clear Alignment of Votes

  1. If there is clear alignment among all participants’ votes, simply say “We have good consensus that the rating is _____, let’s move on to the next item” 
  2. Click Next to advance to the next item, 
  3. Then click Open Voting … rinse and repeat “Silent Review and Voting” section

Situation 2: Distribution of Votes

  1. In the event there is a wide distribution of votes, facilitate a discussion, opening with “I see that there is a range of opinions expressed, from _____ to ____. Who would like to share their thoughts?”
    1. Optional: set a timebox for discussion. (~2 mins)
  2. As a facilitator, you should keep a neutral stance and encourage an open discussion and sharing of rationale by all participants
  3. If the discussion reaches a clear consensus, select the appropriate value from the rating drop down
    1. Click Next to advance to the next item 
    2. Then click Open Voting … rinse and repeat “Silent Review and Voting” section
  4. Alternatively, you can Open Voting and allow participants to revote to see if they can achieve a clear alignment.
    1. Limit revoting to one round, and then suggest a conservative rating

Capturing Notes

  1. Quickly capture ideas related to a particular item during an assessment using the Add Note feature (Pencil icon)

    1. Enter text into the Notes field
    2. Notes can easily be refined or edited later (e.g., from the post-assessment summary view and the Progress view) 
    3. Click Save and Continue 

Completing an Assessment

  1. After votes for the last item have been reviewed, click the End Poll button (Note: when you have reached the last question in an assessment, the Next button will be automatically replaced by the End Poll button)

    1. Click Accept in the confirmation pop-up.
  2. Review the summary by adding, editing, or refining any notes for each item
    1. Optional: You can view any prior history (scores, notes, etc.) captured by expanding the History pane
    2. Use the tabs to access capabilities for each of the P2A stages: Align, Learn, Predict, etc.
  3. Click the Mark as Complete button.

    Note: Do not use the Publish Assessment button. This will publish all assessments in the organization/system.

  4. Notify your P2A admin that your assessment poll has been completed (using your desired method: email, Slack, Teams, etc.)

Pausing an Assessment

  1. In the event all items can not be reviewed in one single session:
    1. Close voting on the current issue if responses have been received
    2. Leave the poll open (Do not click End Poll)
  2. When ready to resume, return to P2A, log in if necessary
    1. Use the Open Poll List to launch the desired poll 
    2. Share the Participant URL
    3. The poll will pick up where you left off previously, with all data previously collected 
    4. Note: works even if you have closed your web browser tab! 

Note: Due to software updates over time, there may be variations between screenshots, icons, buttons, and navigational elements in our online support documents and the Path the Agility Navigator platform