Knowledge Base Subscription

Our knowledge base subscription features allows you sign up to receive email notifications of new/updated content.


From any Category page, click the Subscribe button to the right of the category title:

Enter the email address you'd like to subscribe and click the Subscribe button

This will take you to the Manage Subscriptions page. You'll see a confirmation across the top showing which category you just subscribed to, as well as a list of all the categories in our knowledge base you're subscribed to.

Managing Subscriptions

To stop receiving email notifications for a category, you unsubscribe from that category. You can do this in two ways:

Unsubscribe from within the knowledge base

  • Click the Subscribe button next to any category landing page header to open the Manage Subscriptions page.
  • When the Manage Subscriptions page opens, you can either click Unsubscribe all to unsubscribe from all categories, or click the Unsubscribe button next to the category you don't want to be subscribed to any more. All subscription changes are instantly saved.

Unsubscribe from an email notification

  • At the bottom of each notification email, you'll see the sentence:

You can manage your subscriptions or unsubscribe from these emails here.

  • Click the hyperlinked here from any email to open your Manage Subscriptions page.