A key objective is to be able to see progress from using the Path to Agility model.

Clicking the Capabilities link in the top navigation bar of P2ANav provides an "at-a-glance" view for an organization, system, or team. 

Key User Interface Elements

Setting the Focus of the Capabilities View

  1. Select the desired Org/Sys/Team from the drop-down:
  2. Select the desired Assessment data set from the drop-down:

Drilling into the Details


Each of the Path to Agility stages, and their corresponding Agile Outcomes and Agile Capabilities, are displayed in columns. Clicking on the stage heading will collapse/expand that column.

Item Details

Click on an item opens a sidebar panel that provides:

  • Path to Agility Hierarchy (Stage, Level, etc)
  • Description
  • Progress Rating (For the selected assessment; can be updated directly)
  • Corresponding Agile Capabilities (When viewing an Agile Outcome)
  • Acceptance Criteria (When viewing an Agile Capability)
  • Action Items
  • Notes (When viewing an Agile Capability)
  • History (Chronological listing of Progress Ratings - RAG - from all published assessments)

Note: Due to software updates over time, there may be variations between screenshots, icons, buttons, and navigational elements in our online support documents and the Path the Agility Navigator platform