With Assessments, you can gather data at the Agile Capability level for each team, system, and organization. The Assessment view also allows authorized users of P2ANav to create new and manage existing assessments.

For details on facilitating capability assessments, see Facilitating Agile Capability Assessments for Systems and Organizations

For details on Polling for Business Outcomes and Agile Outcomes, see Facilitating a Poll

Video Overview of Assessment Functionality

Key User Interface Elements

Access to the Assessment view user interface elements is managed by individual P2ANav user permissions. Your screen may vary from details displayed below.

Note: Due to software updates over time, there may be variations between screenshots, icons, buttons, and navigational elements in our online support documents and the Path the Agility Navigator platform

Filters and Assessment Data Management

  • Filter by tag: Assessments can be tagged (during creation or by editing). Filtering by tag(s) will constrain the assessment drop-down to only those that match any of the tags entered ("Or" search, not "And").
  • Assessment: Use the drop-down selector to choose an existing assessment. (Used by data management functions, see below) 

Data Management

  • Download all: Creates a CSV file containing all assessment data, and sends the .CSV file to your local download location.
  • Download selected: Creates a CSV file for the assessment currently selected in the drop-down
  • Edit Assessment: Allows editing of the assessment currently selected in the drop-down, including assessment title, assessment date, tags, notes, and ratings

Data management capabilities may be limited depending on your P2ANav user access permissions.

Assessments View

No Assessments in Progress

  1. If there are no assessments in progress, you'll see the Start New Assessment button. 
  2. Click "Start New Assessment" to create an assessment for all levels of the company - organization, system, and team
  3. Fill out the new assessment creation form:
    • Name: A short descriptive name
    • Date: Click to access a data selector
    • Populate: If there are prior assessments published for the company, you can select one to populate the new assessment with prior data. All data will be included: Organization, system and team levels
  4. Then click "Start Assessment."  The assessment will be put into progress and will include all levels of the company - organization, system, and team.

Assessment in Progress

Only one assessment can be in progress at a time. 

A single assessment includes all levels of the company: Organization, System(s), and Team(s)

Users with appropriate permissions can manage details of an assessment in progress:

  • Name and Date: Click the pencil icon , then edit the field. Changes take effect when you click out of the field
  • Tag: Optional. Used to filter published assessment filter. Existing tags will display in the drop-down: 
  • Delete Assessment: All data for all levels in the company for this assessment will be deleted. This cannot be undone.
  • Publish Assessment: This assessment will be published for all levels: organization, System(s), and Team(s). The results will be published to the Map and Capabilities views, and will be used to update P2A index calculations on the Prioritization view.

Managing and Launching the Assessment

The in-progress assessment view will display a hierarchy of all Path to Agility levels.

Clicking on a level in the hierarchy tree will display agile capability details for that level, arranged by stage. 

Each level has Interface elements that impact only that level. These elements are described below.


If the assessment has not been started, clicking the launch button next to a level opens the Agile Capability Poll set up for that level

If the assessment for a level has been started, clicking the launch button brings the host to the assessment facilitation view. To change the included stages for a started assessment, the host will need to 

  1. End the Poll from the assessment facilitation view
  2. Adjust the included stages
  3. Start the assessment

Agile Outcome Assessment / Scoring Status 

Shows the number of Agile Capabilities that have been assessed (Scored) compared to the total number Agile Capabilities for that level.

Assessment Completion Status

During an assessment facilitation session,  the host has the ability to mark that level's assessment as complete. 

Assessment completion status will be indicated In the hierarchy of all Path to Agility levels as follows:

  • Marked as complete - To change a completed assessment to not yet complete, click that level in the hierarchy tree to display the detail view, then click the edit button
  • Not yet complete  - Clicking on the grey check in the hierarchy tree will mark that level's assessment to complete, provided at least one Agile Capability has been assessed/scored for that level.