Facilitating Agile Capability Assessments for Teams, Systems and Organizations

Doing a P2A assessment as part of a team retrospective is a great way to gather data and build candidate action items for what to explore next.

Locating Your Assessment

As a Poll Host

If you received an email notification that you have been assigned as a 

poll host:

  1. Log into p2anav.com
  2. At the top right of your screen, click the Open Polls icon to open the drop down
  3. Then click the Launch Poll icon for the desired team, system, or organization

As a P2A User 

  1. Log into p2anav.com 
  2. sClick the Assessment link to view all open assessment
  3. Click thebutton for the desired team, system, or organization

Creating and Managing Assessments

For more information and details on creating and managing assessments for team, system, and organizations, refer to Assessments

Facilitating Assessments

Note: Due to software updates over time, there may be variations between screenshots, icons, buttons, and navigational elements in our online support documents and the Path the Agility Navigator platform