Agile Leadership Team (ALT)


The ALT is a powerful guiding coalition that has the ability to drive change throughout the organization as needed.

“A strong guiding coalition is always needed. One with the right composition, level of trust, and shared objective.” - John Kotter

ALT Team Details

  • Scope: The ALT is a working group, not a governance body, that will execute against items in a transformation backlog. (Delegation)

  • Size: Typically, an ALT of five to eight fully dedicated people can support a few hundred people on agile teams. (Focus)

  • Composition: Representation from all functional areas (Cross-Functional)

  • Tenure: Persistent team for at least 6-12 months (Persistence)

  • Selection: Opt-in / Self-Selection (Volunteer)

Key Elements and Responsibilities

Key elements and responsibilities of the ALT include, but are not limited to:

  • Exists as an opt-in, cross-functional group that has representation from all parts of the organization (Effective, dedicated)

  • Enables the organization to develop a modern agile mindset. (Cross-fertilization, training, coaching, active feedback loops)

  • Increases visibility of and facilitates the change initiative throughout the organization (Catalyst)

  • Creates alignment and communicates the vision, goals of, and progress toward business objectives (Storytelling)

  • Facilitates the implementation of measurements of success for the organizational change (Metrics, Information Radiators, and other feedback loops)

  • Helps resolve organizational impediments with urgency (builds momentum)

  • Helps to establish relentless improvement across the entire organization (Accelerates progress)

  • Runs both the ALT and the transformation with agile values, principles, and practices (Walks the talk, credibility)

Also known as: Agile Champions Team, Agile Steering Committee, Agile Center of Excellence, Agile Working Group, Lean-Agile Transformation Team, Learning & Improvement Center, Lean-Agile Change Agents