Path to Agility Facilitator Program

About the Facilitator Program

A Path to Agility Facilitator is an experienced transformation coach (internal or external) and trainer who is enabled to train Path to Agility Practitioners.

Path to Agility Facilitator Benefits

  • Facilitator-level access to community forums, conferences, and working groups

  • Individual Path to Agility Navigator access (1 Org, 1 System, and 1 Team)

  • Quarterly support (Ability to reach out to a Path to Agility Coach for a call to answer questions or get guidance on using or training Path to Agility)


  • Path to Agility Practitioner Certification

  • Proven experience facilitating training workshops

  • 2+ years of Agile transformation coaching
    Demonstrated experience with Path to Agility

If you are interested in learning more about how to become a facilitator, please contact us.