Visualize performance and progress through a combination of roadmaps, business objectives, and action item backlogs.

Key User Interface Elements

Select Focus Area for Dashboard 

  1. Use the Active Org/System/Team drop-down to select the desired focus area
  2. Select the desired assessment from the Roadmap drop-down:
  3. The Dashboard will display progress (RAG and Percentage) and trend lines:

Drill Down

Clicking an Agile Outcome will display details in a sidebar:

  • Path to Agility Hierarchy (Stage, Level, etc)
  • Selected Focus Area ("Team 1")
  • Description of the Agile Outcome
  • Corresponding Agile Capabilities 
  • Action Items (with RAG and percentage) that are part of the Agile Outcome

On the sidebar, clicking an Agile Capability will display additional information:

  • Progress Rating (For the selected assessment; can be updated directly from the sidebar)
  • Acceptance Criteria 
  • Action Items
  • Notes
  • History (Chronological listing of Progress Ratings - RAG - from all published assessments)

Business Outcome Objectives

The top Business Outcome selected for the selected focus area.

For details, see:  Prioritization and Facilitating a Live Poll

Action Items

All action items related to the selected focus area..

For details, see: Actions

Capabilities Backlog

The top three priorities for Agile Capabilities.

For details, see: Prioritization and Creating and Maintaining a Team Transformation Backlog