Working with the Capabilities View


A key objective is to be able to see progress from using the Path to Agility model.

Clicking the Capabilities link in the main navigation of P2ANav provides an "at-a-glance" view for an organization, system, or team. 

Key User Interface Elements

Setting the Focus of the Capabilities View

  1. Select the desired Org/Sys/Team from the drop-down:
  2. Select the level of capabilities to view:This determines which capabilities will show in the heatmap for the Active Org/Sys/Team context selected. You can only select a level of capabilities at or below the current context level. For example, if you have a System selected in the Active Org/Sys/Team dropdown, then only System and Team Level of Capabilities options will be available.
  3. Select the desired Assessment data set from the drop-down:

Drilling into the Details


Each of the Path to Agility stages, and their corresponding Agile Outcomes and Agile Capabilities, are displayed in columns. Clicking on the stage heading will collapse/expand that column.

Item Details

Click on an item opens a sidebar panel that provides:

  • Path to Agility Hierarchy (Stage, Level, etc)
  • Description
  • Progress Rating (For the selected assessment; can be updated directly)
  • Corresponding Agile Capabilities (When viewing an Agile Outcome)
  • Acceptance Criteria (When viewing an Agile Capability)
  • Action Items
  • Notes (When viewing an Agile Capability)
  • History (Chronological listing of Progress Ratings - RAG - from all published assessments)

Level of Capabilities

The Level of Capabilities supports two cases.

  • View the Agile Capabilities for the currently selected Organization, System, or Team level. This is the default filtering mode when you select an Active Organization, System, or Team in the first dropdown.
  • Or, in the case that you have selected a different level than that of the currently selected Organization, System, or Team level, view a distribution of the child Systems inside an Organization or Teams inside of a System.

Progress Indicators

The capabilities view will display indicators showing progress:


  • Single arrows indicate 10% or less of change   
  • Double arrows indicate a change of greater than 10%

Note: Due to software updates over time, there may be variations between screenshots, icons, buttons, and navigational elements in our online support documents and the Path the Agility Navigator platform