Viewing an Agile Capability

The Agile Capability side panel is used in a variety of places across the app to standardize the way you view and interact with a capability. Some parts of the app do have specific sections added to the side panel. In this article, each section will be explained further.

Navigation Bar

At the top of the side panel, the navigation bar allows you navigate backwards in order to return to your previous location on the side panel. This is useful if, for example, you're looking at an Agile Outcome at the System level, dive into one of the systems or Agile Capabilities, and want to back out to return to where you were.

The text next to the backwards arrow in the navigation bar describes your previous location, not the current location.


The heading section includes the Agile Capability name, stage, and associated Agile Outcome, as well as what context you are viewing the Agile Capability in (Organization, System, Team, and what the name of that context is).

The colored line below the heading is the color of the progress score that the Agile Capability has. In this case, it is light green, because it is scored as Mostly Met.


In this section, the Agile Capability's description is first, joined by a Video Description button to watch a video which explains the Agile Capability further. Continuing down the section, there is a score dropdown to that allows you to reassign the score of the Agile Capability. It also lists the associated assessment that the score is being read or placed into in the dropdown. Finally, all of the Agile Capability's Acceptance Criteria are listed.

Action Items

The Action Items section displays all Action Items associated to this context for this Agile Capability. Each Action Item can be clicked on to open a window to edit the Action Item's information. Clicking View All will redirect you to the Action Items Kanban board. New Action Items can be created for this context by clicking the + button next to the section title.


The Notes section allows you to document any discussions that happened in relation to that Agile Capability. New Notes can be added at any time, and are not associated to any Assessment when added from this section. Notes can be edited by clicking anywhere on the note content, or by clicking the pencil icon on the note. Notes can be deleted by clicking the trash can icon. If a note has either multiple lines of content, or a line longer than can be displayed, a View More button will be shown, allowing you to expand the note to view the full note content.


The History section documents how the progress score for the Agile Capability has changed over time. The score icon and percentage are shown alongside the associated assessment date and name.

Survey Results

The Survey Results section only displays in the facilitator view of the Capability Survey. It displays a bar chart distribution of the voting results for the selected Agile Capability, including the X column for users who did not vote on this Agile Capability.

The Refresh button fetches updated data for the graph. You might have to press it once to see the data after your participants have voted. The graph does not automatically update in order to prevent adding bias to the participants' votes.

The Bring Everyone to Me button will redirect all users to this Agile Capability in their participant view, and it will temporarily lock them on this Agile Capability so they cannot switch off of it.

The Clear and Revote button will clear the existing scores of the participants, and allow them to revote on the Agile Capability. Their previous vote is displayed to them if they had one. The Refresh button must be used after the participants have finished voting in order to see the new voting data.