• Actions are related to specific Agile Outcomes or Agile Capabilities
  • Actions are used to track impediments as well as improvement items
  • Action items can be created and viewed from multiple locations with P2A Navigator

Key User Interface Elements

Creating Action Items

Action items can be created from multiple locations within P2ANav (e.g., Prioritization, Capabilities, Map, Dashboard).

Look for the following user interface element:

  • The add Action Item icon:
  • The add Action Item button:
  • The "+" button:

FIll out the fields in the Action Item pop-up and click Save.


  • The only required field is Title
  • All other fields are optional and can be added or edited later. 
  • P2ANav will pre-populate fields with data if it is known based on where you launched the “add action item” (e.g., Team name, Outcome, Capability).
  • Assignee can be added from existing names via the drop-down menu; new assignees can be created on the fly by simply typing out a name; the assignee field will accept multiple names.
  • Check Blocked to turn on a visual indicator on the Action Items board.

Managing Action Items

Action Kanban

Click the Actions menu link to access P2ANav’s visual board (kanban).

  • Filter the kanban board by selecting one or more criteria:
  • Column titles will reflect the number of items in that workflow status, based on the filtered display
  • View/Edit details of an action item card by clicking the pencil icon.
    • Clicking on the pencil icon also puts you in action item edit mode
    • Click Save to keep changes, 
    • Close will discard changes. 
    • While in edit mode you can also Delete an action item.
  • Drag and drop action items horizontally to change the workflow stage (Backlog, Ready, In Progress, Done).
  • Drag and drop action items vertically to change the stack ranking (priority) in a particular workflow column.
  • Action items with Blocked checked will display with an indicator 
  • To block/unblock, click the pencil icon, update the checkbox, and then Save

Exporting Action Items

Use the Export to CSV button to generate and download action item data based using your current filter settings. 

You can then use the CSV to sort, pivot, and more!

Accessing Action Backlogs from other P2A Screens

Map View of Action Items

P2ANav’s Map view can be used to display and access Action Items associated with Agile Outcomes and Agile Capabilities.

  • Click the Toggle Action Items setting at the right of the map to display the action item bubble indicator on the map:
  • Then click on a “bubble” to access a side bar of associated Action Items.
  • From the action sidebar, you can: 
    • Update status (workflow state)
    • Click on an action item to view/edit details

Dashboard View of Action Items

The Dashboard provides a summary of an action item backlog based on the selected view: Org, Sys, Team:

Prioritization and Capabilities Heat Map Views of Action Items

Clicking on an Agile Capability from the Prioritization and Capabilites views will open a sidebar that displays the action items associated with that capability.

Note: Due to software updates over time, there may be variations between screenshots, icons, buttons, and navigational elements in our online support documents and the Path the Agility Navigator platform