Preparing for an Assessment

Introduction to the Path To Agility Model

If you are relatively new to the concepts of Path to Agility, here are a few specific items to get you started:

Our YouTube channel has additional content that you will find useful.

Familiarize Yourself with Path to Agility Content 

Each of the Agile Outcomes and Agile Capabilities has a short (1 to 2 mins) explainer video. 

You can access these video descriptions within anywhere you see the camera icon: eg:

  • From the Map as well as the Dashboard views: Click on an Agile Outcome to open the sidebar. Click on an Agile Capability to show its details and video link
  • From the Capabilities as well as the Prioritization views: click on an Agile Capability to open the sidebar and access the video link

Identifying Participants for a Team-Level Assessment

When planning a team-level assessment, the facilitator should include all members of that team as participants. For a Scrum Team that would include the Product Owner, the Delivery Team Members (full cross-functional delivery team), and the Scrum Master.

We suggest starting with a timebox of 90 minutes for a team assessment and the creation of action items to include in upcoming sprints. The team can then budget capacity during sprint planning to complete those action items in order to become more effective.

Using P2ANav During a Team or Team-of-Teams Retrospective

Doing a P2A assessment as part of a team or teams-of-teams retrospective is a great way to gather data and build candidate action items for what to explore next.

Note: Due to software updates over time, there may be variations between screenshots, icons, buttons, and navigational elements in our online support documents and the Path the Agility Navigator platform