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Path to Agility Approach

If you are new to Path to Agility, visit this section of our knowledge base.

Path to Agility Navigator Platform

If you are new to P2ANav, we have a number of articles to familiarize you with the platform, user interface elements, and features. Browse the Using P2A Navigator section

Facilitation Guides

We have a number of Step-by-step guides for facilitation.

Team Coaching

Browse the Team Coaching section for facilitation articles that apply to a team-specific context.

Organization Coaching

See The organization Coaching section for articles that apply to Team of Teams, Leadership, and Organizational level coaching.


Through the knowledge base, words that are defined in our glossary will have a double underline, and you can point to the word for a pop-up definition. You can also browse the complete glossary directly.

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Use the search function by entering a word or phrase in the "Search for articles..." field. 

Results will highlight your entered phrase (or related terms, the knowledge base has a synonym feature built in.)

You can also sort the results if you like. 

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We welcome your feedback! Let us know which articles your find helpful, and which ones we can iterate on.

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The home page of the Knowledge Base will display a listing of updated, new and popular articles:

Contextual Help Widget

 When using Path to Agility Navigator, , click on the Need help? icon to display knowledge base articles related to the area of P2ANav you're viewing

You can also access the search function, export, print, and email an article from the help panel.

Getting Support

If you need support, we have a couple of ways you can contact us. See the Support section.