Leadership Workshop


The purpose of this playbook is to enable Agile Coaches to engage Organizational Leadership with Path to Agility.

Leadership, within the context of this playbook, typically includes those in positions hierarchically found in organizations from C-levels/Executive Sponsorship to Directors or Managers (who are positioned above Team members). 

Objectives of The Path to Agility Leadership Workshop

  • Help leadership understand Path to Agility and how its outcome-based approach will help the entire organization achieve its goals.

  • Help leadership to understand their role when implementing Path to Agility and during the agile Transformation journey (hint: Focus on Outcomes, not Outputs).

  • Identify the Path to Agility business outcomes that are a priority for the organization

  • Identify success measures to show progress towards those business outcomes.

  • Facilitate an initial Path to Agility assessment with leaders to identify and prioritize agile outcomes that will help accomplish those business outcomes.

  • Identify critical stakeholders (because the transformation will need support, transparency, etc. See Kotter Step 2)

  • Understand expectations for visibility of the Team, System, and Org progress with Path to Agility. 

  • (Optional) Determine preliminary next steps toward achieving prioritized agile outcomes and corresponding agile capabilities. See:

Workshop Pre-Work

The following references provide information that could be provided as “Pre-Work” for the Leadership Workshop

Path to Agility for Leadership

Vision and Objectives

Articulating and communicating Vision and Objectives is key to a successful Transformation.

Business Outcomes

Identify the Path to Agility business outcomes that are a priority for the organization (These point to the North Star guiding the transformation. See Kotter Steps 1 & 3.)

For details on using P2ANav's Polling feature, see Facilitating a Live Poll

Measurements and Baselines

Discuss at a high level, key measurements for the priority business outcomes, including baseline data capture. 

For adding measures, see Metrics

Agile Outcomes, Capabilities, and Practices

Discuss how agile outcomes, agile capabilities, and agile practices enable, drive and accomplish business outcomes. For more details, see Overview of Path to Agility (P2A)

Path to Agility Stages

Discuss the stages of transformation and the change curve. For more details, see Overview of Path to Agility (P2A)

Agile Outcomes Polling 

From P2ANav's Map page, launch an Agile Outcome poll. For complete details, see Facilitating a Poll

We suggest including just the Align, Learn and Predict stages.

Agile Capabilities Assessment

An Agile Capabilities Assessment is an optional step for the leadership workshop. 

Agile Capabilities Assessment could be a focus for a separate workshop with the Agile Leadership Team (ALT) as well as during individual Team Path to Agility Assessments.

For complete details, see Assessments

Transformation Roadmap and Backlog

The Agile Outcome and Agile Capabilities assessments form the basis for the transformation roadmap.

For more details, see: