Using P2A Navigator

How to use the Path to Agility Navigator platform


Visualize performance and progress through a combination of roadmaps, business objectives, and action item backlogs.
Like a Product Owner would prioritize their product backlog, it is a good practice to identify and communicate which Agile Capabilities are important to make progress on in the near term and long term.
The map shows the Agile Outcomes across the Path to Agility stages and levels. You can interact with the elements in the map to drill down into capabilities, add work items, and conduct an Agile Outcome Poll to get a high level heatmap.
With Assessments you can gather data at the Agile Capability for each team, system, and organization.
Overview Actions are related to specific Agile Outcomes or Agile Capabilities Actions are used to track impediments as well as improvement items Action items can be created and viewed from multiple locations with P2A Navigator Key User Interfa...
Overview A key objective is to be able to see progress from using the Path to Agility model . Clicking the Capabilities link in the main navigation of P2ANav provides an "at-a-glance" view for an organization, system, or team.  Key User I...
Facilitating a Live Poll
P2ANav's Poll feature allows Organization and Team Coaches to facilitate a collaborative, non-anchoring discussion, where all participants' opinions can be shared.
Company, Org, System, Team Configuration and User Management
The Companies feature in P2ANav allows the creation and management of companies, organizations, systems, and teams. It also provides access to manage assessment hosts and P2A users.
Viewing an Agile Capability
The Agile Capability side panel is used in a variety of places across the app to standardize the way you view and interact with a capability. Some parts of the app do have specific sections added to the side panel. In this article, each section will...
Facilitating an Offline Survey Assessment
The Offline Survey is a way for a team to assess how they think they meet the criteria for a set of Agile Capabilities, which defines their current progress in their Path to Agility. Why should I use the Offline Survey? The Offline Survey has a fe...
Overview Clear business outcomes with measurable success criteria support a cohesive compelling purpose for change and provide feedback loops for continual improvement action items. Related blog articles:  Business Outcome-Based Metr...
Overview P2A Navigator's Reports feature allows you to "Tell a good story" - #openness and #transparency By generating Summary as well as Detail reports for Organizations, Systems, and teams, you can share visual representations of...