Organizational Coaching

Articles that apply to organizational context


Company, Org, System, Team Configuration and User Management
The Companies feature in P2ANav allows the creation and management of companies, organizations, systems, and teams. It also provides access to manage assessment hosts and P2A users.
Leadership Workshop
The purpose of this playbook is to enable Agile Coaches to engage Organizational Leadership with Path to Agility, create vision and objectives for alignment.
Agile Leadership Team (ALT)
The ALT is a powerful guiding coalition that has the ability to drive change throughout the organization as needed.
Preparing for an Assessment
If you are relatively new to the concepts of Path to Agility, this article has content that you will find useful.
Introducing Path to Agility to Workshop Participants
One of the keys to a successful workshop is orienting the participants to the Path to Agility approach.
Facilitating Agile Capability Assessments for Teams, Systems and Organizations
Provides step-by-step facilitation guidance for team, system, and organization assessments.
Creating and Maintaining a Transformation Backlog
After completing an Assessment, there will likely be many areas of opportunity to explore. This guide will help you get started building the backlog.
Working with the Capabilities View
The Progress View allows one to drill down to see the current state of all capabilities across all teams and systems.
Working with Actions
Actions are related to specific Agile Outcomes or Agile Capabilities. Actions are used to track impediments as well as improvement items.
Using Path to Agility to Facilitate Transformations
A key objective is to be able to see progress from using Path to Agility.
Getting Support
It's easy to contact us if: You have any issues or questions using Path to Agility Navigator and need support.