P2A Navigator Release Notes August 9, 2023

Hi, we've just released a new update to P2A Nav. Here's what is in store this time around:

Overview Video of New Features

New Features

  • Added Capabilities section which provides users with an at-a-glance view of all of their Agile Capabilities progress at a organization, system, or team level. This is a first iteration, and we intend to expand the functionality of the Capabilities section over time based on your feedback. This section replaces the Progress section, which is now inaccessible. 
  • Integrated a Knowledge Base tool which can be accessed in the top navigation.This displays recommended articles from the knowledge base depending on the current context. This will be slowly rolled out to our whole user base over time.
  • Within the map we redesigned and enhanced the Agile Outcome and Agile Capability drill downs. We you click on the map elements you will see a new side panel with all the same information plus additional team information. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed organizations displaying in a random order on the Company Dashboard
  • Emails to Partnership admins and coaches should not fail to send anymore
  • Fixed showing "Manage Organizational Structure" link on Team Dashboard for Basic Users
  • Fixed various issues within the Prioritization page in some cases
  • Fixed various issues within the Capability side panel in some cases

As always, contact us either by clicking the Contact Support button in the top navigation of Navigator, sending a message in our Path to Agility Slack, or by writing to us at support@pathtoagility.com. Thank you for being a Path to Agility Navigator user!