P2A Navigator Release Notes January 23, 2024

Hi, we've just released an update to P2A Nav. Here's what changed:


  • Action Items will now limit Agile Outcome and Agile Capability selection based on the selected Org/Sys/Team level and the selected Agile Outcome if there is one. If you try to change the Action Items level when a different level AO/AC is selected, you will be prompted if you want to remove that selection.
  • Replaced Action Item delete functionality to be more consistent with the rest of the app.
  • Added "You may close this screen." text to the end of the Offline Survey to better indicate that the user is finished.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Map was not displaying Not Met color for an Outcome when all Capabilities were marked as Not Met.
  • Fixed an issue where the Live Poll would not load Agile Capabilities in some situations.
  • Fixed an issue where the Live Poll would not redirect after ending the poll in some situations.

As always, contact us either by clicking the Contact Support button in the top navigation of Navigator, sending a message in our Path to Agility Slack, or by writing to us at support@pathtoagility.com. Thank you for being a Path to Agility Navigator user!