P2A Navigator Release Notes April 23, 2024

Hi, we've just released an update to P2A Nav. Here's what changed:

New Features

  • Company page now has a "Company List" button to return to the top level company list if you have access to multiple companies.
  • Reports: Capability Detail and Capability Summary reports now have a checkbox to exclude teams with no scores from the report.
  • Reports: Capability Detail report will not show in the preview panel if the user has selected more than 50 nodes in the report configuration. A link will be provided to open the generated PDF outside of the application.


  • Map: Trend line view mode toggle has been changed to off by default to reduce page data load, improving load times for users.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where partnership admins were not seeing the "Company List" button in the organization pages, preventing them from switching companies.
  • Fixed an issue where node chooser drop-downs were rendering on top of various elements unexpectedly, primarily on the Prioritization page.
  • Improved performance of the Capability Detail report loading.
  • Improved performance of the Map page.

As always, contact us either by clicking the Contact Support button in the top navigation of Navigator, sending a message in our Path to Agility Slack, or by writing to us at support@pathtoagility.com. Thank you for being a Path to Agility Navigator user!