Path To Agility Framework v2.5.0 Release Notes

Summary of Changes

  • The Compelling Purpose Agile Outcome was expanded to not just included Compelling Purpose for Change but also Compelling Purpose for the organization by adding two new Capabilities: Org Vision and Org Objectives

  • The Ability to Focus Agile Outcome capabilities were expanded to now include: Portfolio Sequencing, Portfolio Funding, Portfolio Visibility and Portfolio Forecasting

  • Predict System Outcomes and Capabilities were simplified by removing the Multi-Team Predictability Agile Outcome and merging with Complexity Reduced and Ability to Forecast

  • All Predict System and Team capabilities were reviewed and their descriptions and acceptance criteria refined

  • The capability Adaptive Long-Term Forecasting (from Decision Agility AO) was merged with the Financial Agility capability into Adaptive Long-Term Forecasting and Funding capability within Org Adapt Whole Org Agility Agile Outcome

Detail Listing of Changes

Agile Outcome and Capability Changes

Document Changes

Path to Agility Progress Dashboard (SpreadSheet) will no longer be supported and has been removed in this release (functionality replaced by Path to Agility Navigator).

Full Change Log

StageLevelAgile OutcomeChange
1-AlignOrgCompelling PurposeDescription
1-AlignSystemProducts DefinedDescription
2-LearnOrgAction EnabledDescription
2-LearnSystemProduct Value ManagementDescription
2-LearnSystemValue Delivery CoordinatedDescription
3-PredictOrgAbility to FocusDescription
3-PredictSystemAbility to ForecastDescription
3-PredictSystemComplexity ReducedDescription
3-PredictTeamQuality Feedback Loop ShortenedDescription

StageLevelAgile OutcomeCapabilityChange
AlignOrgCompelling PurposeOrg VisionNew
AlignOrgCompelling PurposeOrg ObjectivesNew
AlignOrgCompelling PurposeUrgency to ChangeNew
AlignOrgRollout StrategyTransformation RoadmapAcceptance Criteria
AlignSystemProducts DefinedProduct Vision and ScopeAcceptance Criteria
AlignTeamTeam FormedRoles FulfilledAcceptance Criteria
LearnTeamTeam OwnershipBacklog RefinementAcceptance Criteria
LearnTeamTeam OwnershipDaily SynchronizationAcceptance Criteria
LearnTeamTeam OwnershipDelivery TeamDescription, Acceptance Criteria
LearnTeamTeam OwnershipTeam Value OwnershipDescription, Acceptance Criteria
LearnTeamTeam OwnershipTeam CoachingAcceptance Criteria
PredictOrgAbility to FocusPortfolio SequencingDescription, Acceptance Criteria
PredictOrgAbility to FocusPortfolio FundingNew
PredictOrgAbility to FocusPortfolio VisibilityNew
PredictOrgAbility to FocusPortfolio ForecastingNew
PredictSystemAbility to ForecastDependable ForecastsName, Description
PredictSystemAbility to ForecastInformed Decision MakingName
PredictSystemAbility to ForecastPredictable Multi-Team DeliveryName
PredictSystemComplexity ReducedMulti-Team StabilityNew
PredictSystemComplexity ReducedReduced DependenciesDescription, Acceptance Criteria
PredictSystemComplexity ReducedMulti-Team SynchronizationAcceptance Criteria
PredictTeamPredictable Delivery CadencePotentially Shippable Product IncrementAcceptance Criteria
PredictTeamPredictable Delivery CadenceForecastingAcceptance Criteria
PredictTeamPredictable Delivery CadenceLimit WIPDescription, Acceptance Criteria
PredictTeamPredictable Delivery CadencePredictable ThroughputName, Description, Acceptance Criteria
PredictTeamQuality Feedback Loop ShortenedShared OwnershipDescription, Acceptance Criteria
PredictTeamQuality Feedback Loop ShortenedCross-Functional TeamAcceptance Criteria
PredictTeamQuality Feedback Loop ShortenedContinuous IntegrationAcceptance Criteria
PredictTeamQuality Feedback Loop ShortenedTest AutomationDescription
AccelerateOrgSustaining ImprovementCulture of Continuous ImprovementDescription
AccelerateSystemFaster Time to ValueOptimizing the WholeDescription, Acceptance Criteria