Updated Articles

  1. P2A Navigator Release Notes September 22, 2023 New

    Hey Navigators, we just dropped an update. Here's what's new: New Features The Capabilities tab now has a Level of Capabilities selection, which lets you view a distribution of Capability results for child Systems or Teams for a given Org...
  2. Capabilities

    The Progress View allows one to drill down to see the current state of all capabilities across all teams and systems.
  3. P2A Navigator Release Notes September 12, 2023

    Hey Navigators, we just dropped an update. Here's what's new: New Features Notes are now detached from assessments and can be added at any time without needing an assessment to be active. You can read and write notes for an Agile Ca...
  4. I Ran a Team Assessment, Now What?

    So you just completed a team Agile Capability assessment, what's next?  Let's leverage the 5 steps from the Agile Retrospectives book: Setting the St age   Gathering Data  Generating Insights, Deciding What To Do ...
  5. Path to Agility Approach

  6. Ordering Printed Path To Agility Cards

    Path to Agility printed cards are available for purchase by all licensed users.
  7. Advantage of a Capability Model

    Path to Agility embraces the concept that teams and organizations need to develop capabilities and not focus on achieving a level of maturity. We think this was best captured in the book  Accelerate  by  Nicole Forsgren, Jez Humb...
  8.  Map

    The map shows the Agile Outcomes across the Path to Agility stages and levels. You can interact with the elements in the map to drill down into capabilities, add work items, and conduct an Agile Outcome Poll to get a high level heatmap.
  9.  Assessments

    With Assessments you can gather data at the Agile Capability for each team, system, and organization.
  10. Prioritization

    Like a Product Owner would prioritize their product backlog, it is a good practice to identify and communicate which Agile Capabilities are important to make progress on in the near term and long term.